Many businesses still choose to operate with legacy systems deterred by their perceived stigma of the complexity of an Oracle Cloud migration. While the implementation of Oracle Cloud Solutions is considered to be hassle-free, other adversities like Oracle cloud migration, integration, and customizations can impede the process. Moreover, running Oracle in business environments involves recurring costs in terms of the annual payments, vendor lock-in policies, annual support uplifts, bundling, legacy hosting agreements which makes savings seem almost impossible. For a successful implementation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the knowhow regarding cost and performance optimization, exposure regarding your Oracle entitlements and hosting is extremely crucial.

We help you expose your poorly discounted software support and realign spend management (capital vs operating expense) for an extensible executable negotiation strategy. TEKPROS help streamline the migration process, define a cloud adoption strategy, cloud business cases, estimates, plans, Cloud Delivery Services, end-to-end solutions for Oracle applications with its range of tools and offerings for the Oracle cloud. Break from the complications and optimize your Oracle investment while lowering financial risk with us.

Oracle Cloud discovery

Analyze your enterprise environment, conduct a multifactor assessment of the feasibility of the migration and devise a clear-cut strategy moving forward.

Pre-migration analysis

Get in-depth understanding of the drivers of migration, inventory of current environment, migration tools and effort estimate, training requirement, IT resource allocation and apply a definite methodology to migration.

Multifactor Readiness assessment

We help understand the effectiveness of the current business state in terms of Financial, security/compliance, Technical/ functional aspects and address Oracle’s cloud push by building a comprehensive assessment of your environment.

Dependency mapping

Determine workload/server interdependency, document these service relationships and build out a step-by-step migration task checklist that paves way for systematic output of the migration planning stage.

Contingency planning

Prepare a viable rollback strategy to mitigate risk if the go-live execution encounters problems, establish reliable backup services in the new environment if needed, and implement comprehensive disaster recovery plans and fail-over environments if your business requires it.

Oracle Cloud Migration

Our approach to cloud migration adopts best-in class engineering, operations and migration tools that increase the efficiency and productivity of the migration effort.

Migration options

We help you choose migration option depending on your business requirements/ constraints (e.g., time, cost, and feasibility) and choose what's best for the state of your business.

Methodology and design

We help you devise the best methodology to migration projects and map the entire lifecycle as to whether it's full rewrite or significant transformation to existing applications.


We carry on the tasks from the assessment phase and execute common tasks like Hardware configuration, software installation and configuration, initial data loading, testing of backup and recovery scripts and plan a switchover in case of a downtime.

Advisory and support

Expert staff delivers hands-on recommendations on remediation and/or optimization. IT, DBA and Business level monthly team calls.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Purpose-Built for the Enterprise


Oracle license Optimization

We help you lower your TCO, CAPEX, OPEX and all other involved costs by conducting a free financial analysis, making it easy for your company to eliminate audit risk and get annual savings on all Oracle entitlements.

Get a snapshot of SAM

We assess your Oracle license, analyze your IT environment and discover the best ways to reduce costs and make maximum use of your cloud investments.

Optimize your Oracle costs

Optimize your Oracle software licenses and contracts, get a complete overview of your compliance and audit risks and find reduced license and maintenance costs.

Strategic Software License Management

We optimize your software licenses, bring savings and devise strategize solutions that address issues with compliance, cost-savings, audit defense and licenses.

Strategic Audit Defense

We deliver accurate inventory data, to avoid fines for incorrect license usage and prevent draining of IT resources that will affect your bottom line. We devise a bulletproof strategy for cost-avoiding activities before, during and after the audit.


The IT landscape is the fastest growing investment area for an enterprise, and it becomes imperative to lay focus on spend management to make maximum use of the IT investments. Whether you are looking to save on the Oracle costs, get support on unused licenses or navigate through complicated Oracle licensing, policies and restrictions, TEKPROS provides a comprehensive insight into your deployed assets, equip you with solutions to reduce Oracle licensing and support costs and enhance your Oracle Cloud relationship. Get your every need met with Tekpros OCI managed services.

Expert Migration Assistance

Expertise that does the heavy lifting to expediate the migration through its lifecycle.

Uncover cost-saving potential

Drive value creation, reduce Total Cost of Ownership and Complexity.

Leverage Expert managed services

Award winning managed services for deploying OCI in your IT environment.

High-end deployment tools and processes

Analyze, assess and automate repetitive processes and focus on what’s important.

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