Get Help Planning your Azure Transformation

Understand the readiness of specific workloads, applications and databases for Azure.

Evaluate the costs, benefits and ROI of an Azure cloud migration and optimize to meet SLA’s

Secure your IT environment from cyber-attacks and downtimes that impact your business.

Get end-to-end help from planning, migration, to optimization with a solid plan on every level

Azure strategy

Conduct a multifactor Cloud readiness assessment and strategize an onboarding and cloud migration plan.

cloud monitoring

Cloud monitoring

Assess the IT environment, constantly monitor and fix issues before they impact the security of your infrastructure.

multifactor cloud readiness assessment

Multifactor Cloud Readiness Assessment

Assess the technical feasibility of the cloud for different parameters and generate a Proof of Concept.

cloud strategy
Business readiness

Business Readiness

Identify stakeholders, analyze business considerations to determine whether the cloud services are right for your business.

cloud orchestration

Cloud orchestration

Strategize, develop and deploy applications by leveraging automation across IT environment and deliver service with greater flexibility.

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cloud migration services

Azure Assessments

Get a detailed cloud assessment on which workloads are ready to move to Azure, in what model and get a proper roadmap and guidance to optimizing your workloads in Microsoft Azure.

data migration service

Infrastructure Analysis

Get an in-depth analysis of consumption patterns, server, storage, network resourcing and interdependencies to generate the proof-of-concept and execute the next-steps of migration.

public and private cloud services

Business Review

A comprehensive review of business requirements and risks to identify which workloads should remain on premise and which should be prioritized for migration to Microsoft Azure.

cloud migration services
remediation services

ROI assessment

We perform a ROI assessment to identify the best cloud migration strategies, applications, target operating models, technologies, migration business case.

security architecture

Plan the next steps

Compile an inventory of the physical and virtual servers in your environment, map application groups and evaluate how best to move each on-premises application.

Azure Planning

Get help planning the next steps prior migration and devise a full-proof plan to deploy Azure cloud complete with remediation services to support.

cost optimization

Pre-migration analysis

Get in-depth understanding of the drivers of migration, inventory of current environment, migration tools and effort estimate, training requirement, IT resource allocation and apply a definite methodology to migration.

governance and management

Dependency mapping

Determine workload/server interdependency, document these service relationships and build out a step-by-step migration task checklist that paves way for systematic output of the migration planning stage.

cloud optimization services
cloud performance optimization services

Contingency planning

Prepare a viable rollback strategy to mitigate risk if the go-live execution encounters problems, establish reliable backup services in the new environment if needed, and implement comprehensive disaster recovery plans and fail-over environments if your business requires

cloud SLA

Solution Analysis, Scope, & Design

Create infrastructure maps based on app dependency and performance; identify shadow IT and tweak groupings based on insight gleaned from assessment and infrastructure mapping.

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