Harnessing digital technology has an equal share of benefits and threats. With connected technologies, mobility and social media being part of the IT environment, there arises a need to safeguard data assets and minimize the risk of business disruptions. Moreover, the global threat landscape has opened to far bigger threats like data breaches, intrusions, cyberattacks etc which requires a cyber-expert to proactively monitor, detect and render real-time guidance in securing the data assets. Tekpros team of experts works with your IT team to build a proactive security posture, diminish your attack surface and achieve business resilience.

Security Monitoring and Incident Response

Provision, manage, secure and service virtually all the network-connected computing and non-computing devices with our services which include:

Threat Research

Real time monitoring which use intelligence feeds to detect security breaches of a system and stop advanced threats.

Security Incident Management

Record and assess the real-time security threats and get a robust and comprehensive view of security issues within your IT infrastructure.

Threat Detection

Conduct preliminary analysis and reporting and analyze malicious activity to prevent future incidents

Intrusion Prevention System

Perform endpoint compliance checks round the clock and offer automated remediation to mitigate emergency risks.


Round the clock support to investigate attacks, take immediate remediation and coordinate your cyber defense for restoring data to a protected state. Our services include:

Endpoint Security

Protect your endpoints from a wide range of threats, keep them up-to-date and properly configured with our end-point systems.

Managed Firewall Services

Deploy best practices for firewall management using intelligence-enhanced threat protection to help keep your IT environment safe.

Digital Forensics

protect your business from inappropriate data use or data loss by identifying and preserving any data in any computer, device or network.

Incident Response Preparedness

Training sessions and workshops that focus on identifying risks and threats, and understanding the event of an incident to assess the company’s state of preparedness.

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Risk and Compliance

Get expert help in identifying, remediating, monitoring, and managing enterprise risks. Services include:

Risk assessment

Perform in-depth risk assessment on various factors, address new risks and vulnerabilities and provide a roadmap for the implementation, evaluation and improvement of information security practices

Cloud Compliance Assessment

Score cloud against common regulatory compliance standards and provide a detailed report with remediation actions needed to improve the customer’s compliance posture

Vulnerability Scanning

Track metrics, usage, location of asset/device. Advanced GPS, location-based MDM features have now become feasible.

Compliance reporting

Identification and storage of compliance reports, legal texts, standards and objects for preparation of audits

Information Security Operations

Detect advanced threats and respond faster to issues and provide a secure ground for your cloud environment.

Firewall management

Unified security policies that integrate traditional and next generation firewall into a single console, automate end-to-end firewall management and ensure continuous business compliance.

End point and Mobile security

Handle simple to advanced endpoint security operations such as software distribution, configuration management and gain access to the direct management of endpoint security functionality.

Threat Hunting

Advanced threat analytics to monitor and identify threats, attacks, vulnerabilities that traditional security methods miss to detect.

Threat intelligence

Use threat intelligence to respond and recover from IT incidents faster using the most current security mechanisms, reduce exposure to risks and strengthen readiness to attacks.

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