Though cloud technologies are revolutionizing the business world, they equally create new challenges in monitoring, managing and maintaining the overall health of the cloud platform. It requires specialized expertise and round-the-clock maintenance to drive maximum effectiveness and value from your cloud. Tekpros team provides expertise to implement and support the cloud processes and help you take the full advantage of cloud technologies.

Cloud Strategy

We adopt a cloud-first approach tailored to meet your business objectives, overcome barriers to cloud adoption and manage real business risks.

Readiness Assessment

Analyze aspects of business readiness like continuity planning, security compliance, internal SLA’s, budget, data criticality, data integration, IT and ensure that they meet your business requirements.

Cloud deployment and service model

Assess and choose cloud deployment and service model that fits the technical and security norms of your business.

Technology roadmap

Define a technology roadmap based on size of business, number of services to be migrated, compliance levels, milestones, potential risks and other variables with clear timelines on reaching them.

Cloud adoption pattern

Get help making informed decisions on the best cloud adoption pattern that fits your workload and devise a solid execution plan.

Cloud Onboarding

We help you deliver a smooth, trouble-free switchover to the cloud environment with prior planning, assessment and techniques so that you are confident on your cloud adoption roadmap and journey.

Assessment-Business and Technology

Assess nature and scale of workloads, analyze the way it interacts with other services, use interface to create accounts, purchase services and provision cloud resources.

Provision cloud resources

Discover and optimize the best workload resource pair according to the application requirements and efficiently provision the cloud resources to cloud workloads.

Deploy workloads

We bring experienced IT professionals who will augment your staff and accelerate successful completion of your most complex MDM projects

Test, validate and disconnect old service

Test network, storage and database configurations, cloud backup processes and validate if they are working properly and decommission the enterprise service.

Run Critical Databases in the Cloud


Cloud Migration

We assess your current IT infrastructure, identify and mitigate the risks that hinder performance of critical business functions, migrate the workloads to cloud and help you drive the optimum value from cloud.

Data Migration

Automate data migration to cloud using standard processes and tools.

Remediation services

Perform comprehensive testing and identify remediation strategies to mitigate risks and ensure smooth functioning of the applications.

Public/Private/hybrid set-up

Choose cloud set-up and migrate to cloud for enhanced performance and greater business agility.

Security Architecture

Protect your applications against various issues of cloud delivery by building security safeguards into your cloud architecture.

Cloud Management

Provide ongoing support on integrated management of hybrid workloads and application, optimization and automation of computing resources and DevOps.

Monitor Performance

Monitor full stack of public cloud services, track response of business services, uptime and consolidate alerts from other monitoring tools.

Analyse Cloud spend

Track cost analytics on various parameters and gain control of costs by detecting underutilized instances.

Track Metrics

Collect and track metrics from cloud resources, view the health of cloud technologies in a single unified report

Maintain Compliance

Use insights and alerts to auto-remediate incidents and ensure that business process meet the consistency of IT policies.

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